Custom-made manufacture

Our firm specialises in the manufacture of luxurious leather handbags, men’s briefcases, wallets and belts. Our motto is: Handbags are our passion, and we are truly making them with our hearts. As we mentioned earlier, we do not only make beautiful handbags for women, our list of items is very wide, as we manufacture hundreds to thousands of products. A customer can choose from our already created design collections, or we create a design from their instructions. We are the happiest when we manufacture under our brand ELEGA, but we are able to put a custom logo on the product. The most essential thing is the happiness of both sides. Our products need to put a smile not only on our face but also on the customer’s one. Our manufacture capacity at this moment is 200pcs of handbags and briefcases a week (the number is higher with small items, mainly depending on the complexity). We are, however, able to make goods even in smaller series, even with only tens of items, so the uniqueness of the product is maintained.

Our manufacture is based primarily on handmade production. Only the process of sewing is done on classic sewing machines. On other work we utilise traditional procedures with the smallest use of automatization. We do not trust robots, while believing in the quality of hand craft.

For the manufacture we rely as much as possible on Czech materials, occasionally from neighbouring countries, caring mostly about the quality of all used components. We base our work on long lasting relationships, our suppliers are tested by time and we rely on their quality and practice. Our customers are designers of small studios across the whole of Europe, but also big brands, which sell our products all around the world. We are often approached by companies from other sectors, which use our products as presents for their business partners. Even our government has chosen us, as one of the suppliers of gifts for their partners, to show the quality of Czech work in the world.

I am a DESIGNER or a SHOP OWNER (and I want to make my own model)
Here it depends on requests of the submitter, whether he has his own sample (it can even be a paper model) or a paper pattern ready. Then we only create a retain sample for agreeing on the quality and price. If the customer has only a sketch and a clear vision, then all the technological preparation is done by us. By technological preparation we mean the creation of a paper pattern, on which basis we count the use of material and calculate the final product price. We prepare the technological steps of manufacture and the creation of a sample.

Depending on the complexity of the product there are different time frames for technological preparation. The manufacture of the sample takes between 6-24 hours. We are able to get the sample ready in 14-60 days from ordering (this depends on the capacity of the technologist). For a customer, we are able to obtain all the material, when it is with classic lining, leather and metal attachments. We get the leather from Czech, occasionally from Italian tanneries, from where we get a premade sampler with a huge range of colours. In the case of special materials – textiles, knitted fabrics, synthetic leather, fur or similar, we are able to use these materials for manufacture, however, we are not able to order them and we cannot guarantee their quality.

Minimal amount for manufacture is 50pcs per model. Delivery is 1-3 months from agreeing on the sample and paying the deposit (depends on the production capacity). The creation of die with the customer’s logo is a part of the manufacture. In case of a pressure die, it is possible to use a golden or silver band. In case of a metal logo, we are able to provide its manufacture. A minimal amount for that is 2000pcs. We can provide individual manufacture and packing of items into dust bags with a logo on.

I am a BRAND BUYER and I want to manufacture a collection.
Here, the list of services does not differ much from the section for DESIGNERS and SHOP OWNERS. In the case of manufacturing more than 100pcs, we are able to offer a volume discount.

On a manufacture of more than 50pcs per sample we let the customer choose the cutting knives, if the customer owns them. These knives vary the production. We offer a possibility to use our models from the ELEGA brand, where it is possible to change materials and logo. In that case, it is not needed to pay for the technological preparation. All the details are already done, even with the cutting knives.

Do you want to make your own collection or your own model?
In case of interest of manufacturing for your brand, do not hesitate to contact us by email: or by phone +420 603 876 462. We will be happy to discuss all possibilities of manufacture.