Czech luxurious handbags

Everybody loves them, but not everyone knows how long the journey from an idea to a bag on your shoulder truly is. The whole process takes months of work. Where do we find inspiration and how do we manufacture hand-made handbags of all shapes and forms? Let us take a look and absorb the atmosphere of our firm, at least through photographs.

The process of making a luxurious handbag is quite complicated. Everything begins with an ongoing inspection of world-wide trends, mainly by visiting Italian fairs. On our regular meetings, we consult the direction of the upcoming season, from which we base ideas for our new collections. We get inspiration for luxurious handbags of various types and sizes. Everything needs to be planned perfectly to the smallest detail.

The sales department helps us with that, presenting customers’ requests and needs. We then choose suitable leather, linings and metal attachments.

  • After agreeing on the visual form of the handbags, our work starts on real prototypes and templates, which are the work of our technologist.
  • The final prototype is presented and goes through the approval stage.
  • If the piece is approved, metal knives are forged, which speed up and ease the process. If the handbag is planned as a part of a limited series, each segment is cut out by hand.
  • The manufacturing process begins with the preparation of auxiliary materials – cutting out the lining and the support materials.
  • The leather firstly goes through quality control, then individual segments of a handbag are cut out (manually or by a machine) into the desired shape.
  • These leather segments in most cases need to be thinned down (trimmed) into a particular thickness. After this, the pieces usually need skiving (thinning even more) into individual segments.
  • All prepared parts of leather and auxiliary materials then go into the workshop, where they are completed. Leather parts need to be dyed or the edges need to be set up.
  • All glued segments are sewed up together.
  • When the handbag is finished, it needs to go through the final phase, checking it to the finest detail. Once approved, it gets polished, and filled with silk paper to adopt the desired shape. A tag with a code is attached and the handbag is packaged into a box, where, like others made by a similar process, awaiting its new owner.

The whole process is watched by the CEO of the company, Eva Sedinova, who is the one choosing new materials for the manufacture. She is the most qualified, as she has given her whole life to the creation of handbags. She is also skilled in the field, as she can make, without any issue or doubt, one for herself.

The process of manufacture is overseen by our Chief Technology Officer, Pavla Sedinova, who knows about every individual handbag that leaves ELEGA’s premises. Yes, the similarity in name is not a coincidence – we are a family firm and these two are not the only family members here.

But even those colleagues who are not connected by blood are taken into our family. We are a team, which is doing its best to grant you any wishes regarding our products.

It is a must in our firm for everyone to cooperate, as individual parts of the manufacturing process go hand-in-hand and follow each other. Our workers are professionals in their fields and thanks to them we can rival world-famous brands. We employ experts, who give a piece of themselves into every single item. We deeply appreciate that a number of our employees continue working with us for decades, which is a sign of reliability and responsibility.