Photo shooting of products by a professional studio

We create photographs of your products in one of the most modern photo studios in the world: ALPHASHOT XL PRO LED. You can also personally rent it in-store. The photographs are of the highest possible quality with an option of 360° photographs. An integrated software can also automatically delete the background, improve the colours by editing the saturation and brightness, to create one photography from more photos with different sharpness.

One of many advantages of the ALPHASHOT XL PRO LED studio is the consistent way of capturing photos, as it can be set up once and then the only thing needed is to change the products inside. Product photography is easy and very comfortable.

Products cannot be bigger than 30 x 50 x 70 cm (width x height x depth) and a product cannot weight more than 25kg. It is suitable for photographing: handbags, jewellery, toys, home appliances, hobby products, wine, artistic pieces, car parts, sporting equipment, etc.

We tell the price only on the basis of an exact request.

Lifestyle photography

If you enjoy the lifestyle photographs on our Instagram, we are able to get you our amazing photographer, make-up artist and handbags. The products can be shot on a model or alone.

A video of the handbag creation

We cooperate with students of video-making and editing and thanks to that we are able to create you a video of the manufacturing process of your handbags. Because of that you can show your customers our hand-made production which would grant exclusivity to your leather goods..